Tiny House Movement

Why a Tiny House?

A tiny house is a house that around 100-400 sq ft in size. In essence, it is literally a house that is tiny.  Pretty straightforward, right?

In case some of you are still racking your brain on how big these tiny houses really are, here are some pictorial examples of tiny houses courtesy of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

Tumbleweed Weebee

Tumbleweed Brittany Fencl

Tumbleweed JT's Walden

Tumbleweed Ella's Fencl

Many people may not understand the allure of living in a tiny house, especially since big is usually considered better.

But consider this,

The average American home is over a couple thousand sq ft. These homes are a couple hundred sq ft.

Although this small size may not be for everyone, imagine for a moment what it would be like to live simply in a small space. Most people understand what it feels like to be running short on time and constantly rushing around to do things. In the end, we are exhausted and our chores and projects are half finished. A tiny house means less to maintain and less to do, which equals more time to do the things we love. Personally, we find that less clutter gives us peace of mind.

The typical single family home costs around $300,000. This of course depends on where you buy the home. In a place like San Francisco (where we live) that price skyrockets. Although it is the norm to have a 30 year mortgage and to work the majority of your life to pay for it, it is not something we wanted. Financial freedom is a big incentive to live small.  We would rather be free from this massive debt then have a big house with tons of things we don’t really need.

A tiny house means a smaller footprint. We find the best way to contribute to lessening our impact on our environment is to mold it into the way we live. In addition to only utilizing solar power, we will lower our water consumption and reduce waste. Disconnecting from the grid is another freedom that comes with tiny living. Having a self sufficient house that we can move anywhere is the ultimate freedom in owning a home.

So with this in mind, we decided to join the tiny house movement and build our very own tiny house!

This is just the beginning. We will be chronicling our tiny house build from design to completion. We hope you find it informative and inspiring.


5 thoughts on “Why a Tiny House?

  1. I simply couldn’t go away your site before suggesting that I really loved the usual information a person provide for your guests? Is gonna be back steadily to investigate cross-check new posts

    • We wanted to outline some of the important ideas behind tiny house living as we understand it. We also wanted it to be informative enough to help others that may be in need of inspiration to further their own tiny house dreams. We like to provide pictures and videos whenever possible to make it as user-friendly and accessible. I hope that helps!

  2. this is probably the best way for the environment to cope with >7 billion people. More importantly, large houses and yards ARE a complete pain in the b…ack. Kudos to you and your (wife?/partner?) for showing there are alternatives.

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