Construction / Phase 1

Building the Trailer Bed

After we received our final build plans from Niall Burke of Humble Homes, it was time to start the next phase of our tiny house build.

Initially, Jay wanted to build the entire tiny house from the trailer up, with the assistance of contractors but it was more time and cost effective for us to go another route. Jay happened upon a company called Tortoise Shell Homes who could build the frame of our house in addition to the custom trailer bed specifically tailored to our needs. Bill Kastrinos of Tortoise Shell Homes worked with us to secure a timeline and expected delivery date of the tiny house frame.

In the end we decided to let the experts start our tiny house. We trust the reputation and skill of Bill and his team at Tortoise Shell Homes and think that they will start our tiny house off on the right foot. Bill will be updating us with photos as the build progresses.

We just received pictures of our in progress trailer bed!

trailer bed 1

trailer bed 2

trailer bed 3

trailer bed 4

trailer bed 5


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