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Finding inspiration was an important part of the tiny house design process. One of my favorite ways of finding creative ideas was on Pinterest. The great thing about Pinterest is that I was able to organize everything on boards so I have a central place to go to retrieve the concepts I want to utilize in my tiny house. I love scouring though the infinite pins and finding beautiful or ingenious ways of living.

I created a tiny house inspiration board and shared it with Jay and we started pinning away. Although, I went more crazy on Pinterest than he did. It’s definitely addicting and next thing you know, 6 hours have passed and you forgot to eat lunch. Oops.

I would pin a picture if I saw a design feature I liked or if there was a great way of organizing shelves and cabinets in small space. There are also a ton of DIYs that are really useful if you are tight on budget and will need to do a lot of the building yourself.

Here are some of the things I found on Pinterest that we will be taking inspiration from for the interior of our tiny house. Maybe they will inspire you too!

Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding Barn Doors

Arabesque Tiles

Arabesque Tile for Kitchen Backsplash


Railing and Door for Loft Space

Wood Walls

Reclaimed Wood for Walls


Kitchen Storage/Cabinet Ideas


Shutters for Sliding Glass Door

Cat Litterbox

Ingenious Idea of Hiding the Cat Litterbox


5 thoughts on “Pinterest Inspiration

  1. Hi! I am new to your blog and very interested in someday creating my own tiny home. I would love to follow your boards on Pintrest to visualize a good starting-point. How can I find you on there? Thanks!

  2. I was wondering if you made the catbox hideaway and how well that worked out for you because I would love to make one myself but lack skills and funds lol.

    • We made it ourselves. It is relatively easy if you don’t want something that looks too fancy. Its basically a wooden box/cabinet with a hole cut out for the cat to go in and out. just make sure it is big enough to fit your letterbox and comfortable enough for the cat to turn around and stand in. Good luck with yours!

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