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Reclaimed Wood

We decided early on to use reclaimed wood for our paneling on our tiny house. Not only do we really like the rustic look and aged quality to these types of woods, the recycled lumber means we are giving old materials a new life.

Initially, we found a company called Elmwood Reclaimed Timber. They have a large variety of wood in gorgeous styles for both flooring and wall paneling. We received a box of wood samples and fell in love with many of their wood pieces. Originally, we decided on a style called Rocky Mountain Mosaic for our great room floor and White Barn Wood for our great room wall paneling. Unfortunately, these were on the pricey side. Even though this wood was only going to be for the one room it turned out we couldn’t afford it considering all the expenses that continued to add up as we calculated our anticipated costs. We were not discouraged and continued to look for less pricey alternatives.

Rocky Mountain Flooring

Elmwood’s Rocky Mountain Mosaic

White Barn Wood

Elmwood’s White Barn Wood

Eventually, we settled on a paneling called Wind River from Elmwood for our interior ceiling and wall paneling needs. Wind River is gorgeous and a great price.We loved the natural differences from panel to panel. It gives the wood great character.

Wind River Paneling

Elmwood’s Wind River

We continued to research for more paneling options, keeping an eye out for an aesthetically pleasing reclaimed wood at a good price. This led us to a great reclaimed wood company called Trestlewood. We received samples of two styles we could afford on our budget. One was called Pineskin and the other is Picklewood. We loved both styles and decided to use them both. Pineskin for the exterior siding and Picklewood for our great room wall paneling.


Trestlewood’s Pineskin


Trestlewood’s Picklewood

We couldn’t be more excited about our wood choices. We can’t wait to see what it will look like when its all completed.


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