Construction / Phase 1

Framing the Loft

More progress is being made on our little house. The loft floor framing has been built for both the bedroom and storage lofts. The door framing is in with a recess to allow for the fold down porch.

Everything is coming along like planned so far. We picked out the windows/skylights we wanted last week and are waiting on pricing as well as an estimated delivery time for them. It’s supposed to take a 2-3 weeks but we can’t be sure till we hear back from Lowes.

In the meantime, enjoy the updated pictures of the house!

loft 1

loft 2

Overview of the Loft Floor Framing

loft 3

Close-up of Loft Areas

loft 4

Recessed Doorway

loft 5

View from the Bottom


2 thoughts on “Framing the Loft

  1. Thanks for sharing your blog! I am very interested in following your progress. I’d love to come and see it when it’s done! Are you building it yourself? or having a company build it for you? How big is yours going to be? What plans are you using? I have so many questions, my long term plans is to build a larger one, like the size you are building to live in. thanks!

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