Construction / Phase 1

Framing the Roof & House Wrap

Another house update!

The roof has been framed and our house wrap is on. We are so excited that phase 1 of the build is almost complete.

We opted to forgo the sheathing on our house to reduce the weight on the trailer. Photos below of the progress.












6 thoughts on “Framing the Roof & House Wrap

  1. The framing looks great! I didn’t realize sheathing was optional. I understood it to work as an enclosure of the structure, provide important additional moisture barrier when coupled with furring strips, and add vital structural integrity to prevent racking and provide stability, especially when exposing the structure to the rigors of towing. I can see how opting out would save weight and money, but is doing so a safe option? Love your blog! Thanks!

    • Hi Todd! That is a great question! We were advised by Bill of Tortoise Shell Homes to go without sheathing. We are actually going to get information from him to answer your question accurately and completely. We will post his response shortly!

  2. I also am concerned with your move to go without sheething. Shear strength is really important to prevent racking and to deal with the combined earthquake/hurricane forces on the house when it is moved. Highly encourage you to read Go House Go by Dee Williams for all the important safety features for a tiny house. You can get the ebook on the website for her tiny house education and consulting firm Portland Alternative Dwellings.

    All the best,

    • Thanks for the recommendation. We’ve heard great things about Dee Williams. We are being very careful when it comes to our decision to go without sheathing. Jay was very thorough when consulting with Tortoise Shell Homes to make sure we were making the right decision for our tiny house. I am still trying to get concrete written information on this from our contact at Tortoise Shell but they are of course busy working on our house at the moment. In the future, we will share on our blog, the precautions to take and considerations to make (from the building experts) when thinking about going without sheathing for a tiny home.

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