Construction / Phase 2

Metal Sheathing

The windows and roofing will be arriving this week. It’s a little later than we were expecting but in the meantime our metal sheathing is being installed.

We decided not to do traditional sheathing but we needed to have the metal sheathing installed over the house-wrap in key areas of the house to prevent racking and provide stability for when the windows and roof get installed.

Check out the pictures below.


14 thoughts on “Metal Sheathing

    • hi mary. the sheathing is meant to give the house stability so it doesnt topple sideways. it is a lightweight alternative to traditional methods. we will be doing wood siding for the exterior so the appearance will definitely be nicer than what it looks like now.

  1. I am a sheet metal worker/ welder. In my opinion I would use something like LIQUID NAILS on the wood siding in addition to screwing it to the frame. Just my opinion.

  2. So the metal sheathing is completely replacing wood sheathing? Has an engineer signed of on that as being safe? What is the thickness of the metal? I’m so intrigued . . .

    • yes. because of the size of the house, wood sheathing was not necessary. to lessen the load on the trailer, the metal sheathing came highly recommended as an alternative that would be safe and provide us with the support we need.

    • from what i understand the metal sheathing wouldn’t necessarily provide this. i am unsure as we had not planned on putting a radiant barrier on the house. i’m sorry that i couldnt provide a more helpful answer. 😦

  3. what was used for fasteners? I think metal sheathing is a great alternative to plywood or OSB, but you have to pay attention to the details, i.e. type of fastener and the spacing. To me, it looks like those fasteners might pull through. I would have used truss head screws, and placed them 6″ o.c. Since you are planning on doing a rainscreen install with a vent/drain gap, I don’t think heat radiation will be a concern. Looking good.

  4. I had never heard of this kind of sheathing. Where did you get the information to it this way? Sounds like a great option compared to plywood.

    • I will need to consult with Tortoise Shell Homes, the company that built/installed that part of the tiny house. I do not know this info of the top of my head, unfortunately. ):

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