Construction / Phase 2

Three Little Skylights

Skylights have been installed on our little tiny roof! We have two larger skylights in the great room and a smaller one above the bedroom loft for stargazing and the like.

We had a little hiccup with the skylights since Lowes sent us the wrong ones and we didn’t figure it out till it got installed. The glass on the skylights are supposed to be transparent rather than opaque. It’s been tricky to install the skylights so with a little maneuvering we were able to get Lowes to remedy their mistake by agreeing to send us the correct glass. We will just swap out the glass when it is ready in a couple of weeks rather than taking off the skylights and re-doing the whole thing which would be a giant headache and a boatload more work.

I still think it looks snazzy despite the opaque glass. Whee~


7 thoughts on “Three Little Skylights

  1. Skylights are the best! They can make such a small space a bit warm in summer months, but a cover over it would do wonders. It’s so great to look up at the sky at night.

  2. Skylights are the best! It’s wonderful to be able to see the sky at night from the loft. You might find they make such a small space warm up quite a bit in the summer months, but a window cover would do wonders. All the best in your adventure!

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