Construction / Phase 3

Exterior Siding

We’ve been working on the house (almost) non-stop since last week. Thanks to a couple of gracious helping hands, we made good progress on our exterior siding. Since we are working with reclaimed lumber, it is fickle and prone to breakage. Before we can put any siding on our house we had to clean each piece by hand with a brass bristle brush. It is tiring, dusty and tedious. We definitely did not know what we were getting into with this reclaimed wood. It is a lot more work than we anticipated!

The natural textures, color and character of each piece is well worth the effort. Check out our progress below. 🙂

Reclaimed wood from Trestlewood.

Prepping the house

After day 1 of work

After day 2 of work

Day 3 in progress

Working till sunset

After day 3

Day 4 in progress


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