Construction / Phase 3

More Progress & Electrical Wiring

Sorry, we haven’t been posting much. We are super busy constructing a house. HA!

But seriously, everything has been taking longer than anticipated and of course we had some unexpected issues come up. We are still finishing up the exterior siding. It’s really taking us forever!

We are hoping to get to the insulation and the interior siding in the upcoming week.

Bill and his wife, Sharon roughed in our electrical and plumbing this week. We are so grateful for their expertise and help. Thank you to Tortoise Shell Homes!

Pictures below of our progress with the exterior siding & the electrical wiring. Check out our newly installed gable windows, porch and awning, and shed on the tongue of the trailer. 🙂




5 thoughts on “More Progress & Electrical Wiring

  1. NIce job! I am a big fan of following your build! I am interested to see how the gyp works out, I am also considering it, I like the clean look a lot. I have heard things about it cracking easily with the movement of the trailer, and also that its heavy compared to other options. Excited to see what direction you go!

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