Construction / Phase 3

It’s Been a While…

It’s been a long time since our last post. We are, in fact still alive and working on the tiny house. I do have at least two excuses why we haven’t been updating the blog.

We got a puppy! She is the best, most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. However, she is a lot of work so it’s been busy juggling work, building the tiny house and taking care of this little girl. We aren’t crazy and just decided to get a puppy in the middle of building this tiny house. We were planning to be living in the house by now but things didn’t work out that way, unfortunately.

Meet Ithaca!

The aforementioned puppy chewed up my laptop cord so I have been without a computer till now. So that meant no updates on the blog either. Good thing she is cute!

Anyways, Jay has been working hard on the house while I have been taking care of the puppy.

Since the last post, we have finally blown in the sheep’s wool insulation and started putting in the inside walls.  At this rate we probably won’t be living in the house till January. With virtually no hired help and Jay doing this with only one good friend of his for help, it’s not a quick process. It’s so difficult doing this and also working a full time job and I’m grateful and impressed by his determination and hard work.

Below are some pictures of our progress.


9 thoughts on “It’s Been a While…

  1. I have only just found you and i am impressed. Living in England in a 4 story terraced house you are living my dream. Keep going, as i at least will be cheering you on!

  2. I’m tots in love with your design. I would love to build a house like yours, are you planing on selling your plans? I’ve contacted a few people, and it’s looking to be cheaper to just build a tumbleweed, as their plans are a fraction of the cost of getting a custom plan done up.

    • Jay was inside blowing the insulation with the machine hose while I was outside filling the machine. I made sure to break up the wool before putting in the machine so the machine wouldn’t clog up. Make sure you have the netting firmly on the studs (go staple happy!) or else the insulation will blow out the holes since it is so powerful.

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