Construction / Phase 3

Holiday Construction

We are making more progress on the inside of the house thanks to our friend, Justin who even volunteered his services during the holiday week!

We finished up the ceiling insulation and moved on to putting on the ceiling panels and putting in the hardwood floors.

We decided to finish off the ceiling with batts of cotton denim insulation. Unfortunately, we ran out of time with the insulation blower and it would be difficult to maneuver if we put in the sheep’s wool by hand in that area.

I hope everyone had a good holiday. (: We got a little dwarf spruce in a pot for our tree this year so we can transition it into our tiny house. We were hoping to spend this holiday in the tiny house but sadly, it did not work out this year.

Our puppy, Ithaca is growing so fast. She is 4 months old this week. Her favorite place to sleep is under our little coffee table and she can barely fit now.

Luna, our kitten is now 6 months old. She is as fluffy as ever. (:


3 thoughts on “Holiday Construction

  1. Alright its almost been 2 months, where are you guys? No rush, I imagine you’re trying to finish everything up and the next post will be the finished product. I’m just hoping nothing has gone wrong. Anyway, your house design is awesome and your followers are patiently awaiting your updates to see it take shape. Good luck, we’re rootin’ for you!

    • we are still here, jake! haha, its been a crazy whirlwind trying to get all the parts and pieces together. we are almost there but not quite. we will post an update soon but it won’t be the finished product unfortunately. nothing major has gone awry. just some rain and a long cold that hindered us. thanks for the support jake. (:

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