Construction / Phase 3

Kitchen Construction

I keep saying we will probably be living in the house by “insert date here”. Well, it’s all lies! haha. If I say anything of this sort again, please disregard it.

Jay has been working on the floors and kitchen. He framed out the counters and cabinets and finished the flooring in the kitchen.

Ithaca puppy even came to help us out one day. She helped me while I finished putting in the sheep’s wool insulation in the loft and she was a trooper herding up the sheep’s wool for me.  (:

We are moving the house in March and need to put some finishing touches on it to get it ready to move. Once moved we will finish the house on location. We are very excited to find such a great location and can’t wait to start living in our tiny house.

That’s it for now but we will have tons a pictures in our next post of exterior and interior of the house.

Sorry for the giant gaps in updates. As an apology, here are some cute puppy pictures. Little Ithaca is almost 6 months old now. Time passes so fast!






6 thoughts on “Kitchen Construction

  1. Maybe you should insert ‘We’ll be living in the house one day’. I know it can get disheartening when things don’t move along as quickly as you would like them to be, but instead of looking forward all the time look back where you have been. I have been doing a lot work in my house, which is too big for me, and i have stopped trying to see the bigger picture and have settled for ‘what’s next’; when this is finished what am i going to start next? Keep going one day at a time.

  2. What brand and color paint did you use on your cabinets? I want to be able to have a pop of color (without overdoing it) in my tiny house! So many of them have too much wood! I also have real wood cabinet fronts from my gooseneck trailer (with the leaky roof! I have a bucket under a leak in the bedroom right now. Can you believe they want $5,000-$6,000 to replace roof?! No way!) and want to reuse them. I want to reuse A LOT of the things from this trailer! Will come in very handy in my budget!

    • we are using reclaimed wood for our cabinets because we had a lot of it so it was cheaper than buying more materials but we agree about color! we are trying to incorporate more of it in our house with textiles (curtains, pillows, etc). good luck with your roof!!! (:

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