Phase 4

Tiny House On The Move

As of Friday, we have officially parked the tiny house!

This past week we have been working to finish what we can so we can transport it. Thanks to Moffit, the friendly stranger that helped us load up the van with our building materials. We would never have gotten the house ready in time to hitch to the truck without him. Also a big thanks to our friend Justin for helping us unload the truck.

We did some trim work, more flooring, and the bedroom loft ceiling since the last update.


After; almost done…

Messy tiny house.

Bedroom loft ceilings are in!

Finishing the flooring in the Study.

Planning out the bedroom loft.

Off we go!

We love the little ranch we moved the house to. We need to do landscaping but it’s beautiful.

Our new view.

I think Ithaca is happy about our new yard.  She’s 6 months now and growing up so fast!

Our new “neigh”bor, Indigo.

We have to finish what we can in the next couple weeks to make it livable so we might not have an update for a while. We are moving out at the end of March and need to be able to move in by then. Wish us luck!







15 thoughts on “Tiny House On The Move

  1. yes, but a bit of rush makes you work harder to get done and it’s good for the soul and if you have moved her to her proper place she is finally a proper home and not a lump of wood. Be proud of yourself and remember if you had nowhere else to live right now you could live in her, it’s not perfect but it’s home.

  2. I’m surprised no one has asked this yet: how went towing the house? Since yours is on the longer side, how was hauling that around? That’s one of my concerns since most designs aren’t designed with aerodynamics in mind, and although many tiny housers say their houses towed fine, those who say that usually have the smaller models. Thanks for any insight!

    • Hi Jake. Towing went great! No issues except some very minor things like the house exterior siding catching on some nearby tree branches. We were scared but hired a professional to ease our minds.

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