Construction / Phase 4

Moving into our Tiny House (FINALLY)!

We have moved and are living full-time in our tiny house since the beginning of April. It’s been a long, hard road with many (good & bad) surprises but it’s definitely been worth it. All the furry members of the household have been doing amazingly with the transition. Initially, our kitten Luna was freaked by the the coyotes howling outside but have since gotten used to the wild noises. Our cat, Zara has really taken to tiny house. She was never a big fan of our other cat, Toby (read; Toby = Enemy #1), but has completely stopped stalking him. Ithaca is ecstatic about her new awesome yard so no complaints from the only canine member of our household. Overall, they all deserve gold stars for being so positive and laid back about the move.

Just because we are moved in does not mean the house is completely done. Actually, we are far from that! We are making do with a half finished house and the plethora of boxes waiting to be unpacked.

Speaking of, moving day was very hectic. Thanks to the good folks at PUMA Moving for their friendly and efficient service. Without them, we would not have been able to get all our stuff safely to our house and storage.

Moving day; we still have so much stuff even though we downsized SO much. What the hay. ):

Also, it was raining the whole week we were moving (of course!). WHY US? WHY?

Toby helping us pack. We paid him in bonito flakes.

Here are some recent house pictures. It’s been too hectic settling in but we promise better pictures in our next post.

Our new yard.

Tiny house in the rain

Prepping our kitchen counter.

Stained and (almost) finished.

Ithaca loves the new closet. Don’t mind the collar. She was just spayed recently.

An evening at the tiny house. Everyone sleepy and quiet.

Our new neighbor dog! Another herding dog. YAY!




20 thoughts on “Moving into our Tiny House (FINALLY)!

  1. Congratulations!

    I am also looking for a place to put a tiny house in the East Bay. I’d love to hear about your experiences in finding a place; it feels impossible. Please feel free to PM me!

    • It took us a while to find the place that suited us. We were pretty specific about our needs because of commuting to work, but if you are more flexible on location, it is a lot easier. We posted on craigslist and posted fliers and gave out postcards in areas we wished to live in. I hope this helps! Best of luck to you!

    • Sonnie,

      Did you ever find a place? Congrats to Jen and Jay. I’m looking to relocate from the midwest to the south bay area, and would love to live tiny, but there are so many obstacles in finding where to place a tiny house. Any pointers are welcome!


  2. Will you please share what appliances you chose and if you’re pleased with them? Particularly that cute stove, but could use help with any. Thank you! Love your house!

  3. Love your house! Hope things are going well. Will you please share what appliances you chose and how they’re working out? Particularly the stove, but looking at fridges, water heaters, heaters, etc too. Any suggestions appreciated. Thank you!

    • our stove and our on demand water heater is working out wonderfully. our fridge has some issues with freezing in some areas which is not the best but we dont keep much in there except for our dog’s raw food so its not a big deal. our water heater is rinnai which was pricey but we figured it was worth the investment. our stove is amana which i believe we got either at home depot or lowes? it came with a propane conversion kit so we just converted it to work with propane.

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