Phase 4

Where Did We Go?…

Okay, so we are not dead…I promise.

We are still living in an unfinished tiny house.

They say you should never move into your house till you are finished and now we know why.

Everything is inching along VERY slowly, but every time something is finished it feels like a little celebration.

In the meantime, we tried to make everything as cozy as possible for us and the animals so that we can feel comfortable despite the construction going on around us.


So, what have we been working on since our last post?

-Stone wall for behind our wood stove; we lovingly refer to the stove as the “squirrel” []

We still need to purchase and install this though, so a long way to go still we finish this area.

-Mantle above wood stove [with our christmas village]

-Dog crate for Ithaca that doubles as a table

-Mounted our TV on the wall

-Side table that doubles as shoe storage

-Built our loft ladder from scratch and installed the poles for it to roll on

We also put up some temporary window curtains, made a cabinet to hide away the cat litter box, and made more progress on the indoor siding/trim.

The other big news we have is that we received our tiny shed on wheels! Tortoise Shell Homes built this beauty for us so we can store our tools and other seasonal items in here.

Its nice to have a place for all our construction tools and materials so that it’s not littered all over our front yard.

Inside the shed—

That’s all for now but we will be writing about our first holiday experience in our tiny house in our next post.



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