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Our First Tiny House Holiday Celebration

We are spending our very first holiday in our tiny house.

Usually we get a big tree but living tiny means we need to downsize our tree too. We got a small living Christmas tree in a pot. We love it because it will last well beyond the holidays and is more sustainable.

He hangs out outside on our deck.

I think Ithaca is not amused with this photoshoot…

The top of Ithaca’s crate is where we put our presents.

Holiday lights in the bedroom loft.

and we transformed our tiny mantle into a tiny Christmas village!

Jumbo sized stockings in a tiny house. HA!

Happy Holidays from Jay, Jen, Ithaca, Toby, Zara & Luna!



7 thoughts on “Our First Tiny House Holiday Celebration

  1. Hi Jen and Jay, We met Ithaca the other day walking with Jay, and we would like to know the name of the breeder she came from. She’s a great dog! If you are willing to share this info we’d be grateful. Beth

  2. Hi.
    I looked for a contact form but didn’t see one. We are letting everyone in the tiny home community know that we just launched The Great American Tiny Home Building Contest, a design and construction competition to build (or have built) a Park Model type tiny home that can compete in cuteness and innovation with the more popular 8.5′ tiny homes on wheels.

    My name is Beth Livingston, one of the developers of Coral Sands Point Recreational Village, a park model tiny home vacation community offering deeded waterfront tiny home lots on High Rock Lake in North Carolina. First prize in the contest is a waterfront tiny home lot at Coral Sands Point (value = $55K).

    This contest is open to BOTH professionals and amateurs with a maximum of 25 entrants (minimum is 10 entrants – pretty good odds). We have already been contacted by a major home-focused TV network as they are launching a new reality show where they will follow several tiny home “builds” from start to finish. Although there is no guarantee, they have asked us to distribute their casting application to our contestants.

    We are currently seeking contestants and other tiny home resources our contestants might need and would appreciate any help you can provide to get the word out. We will also be teaching those interested, how to get a single tiny home on wheels of any width certified to the RV Standards.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this message. You can review our site at and please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

    Beth Livingston
    Coral Sands Point Recreational Village
    We were tiny when tiny wasn’t cool!

  3. Hi,

    I’m working on an article for about gorgeous holiday decorations for tiny houses and we will be including your home! We will include the one of the photos above and link to your website.

    If you do NOT want us to include you, please let me know as soon as possible.

    I’ll tweet out a link to the article when it is published, so follow me on Twitter!

    Thank you!

    Ellen Niz contributor

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